Proactive mental health support for employees

We meet with people in the workplace to help them feel better and improve their mental fitness. Especially as they deal with uncertainty and stress associated with the current crisis. 
Our approach is friendly, practical and inviting. We don't just leave a hotline number as most EAP's. We proactively engage with employees, raise awareness and get them excited about their mental health. 
How we partner with your company? 

Stress, anxiety and depression have become another epidemic, so mental health is now a priority for both employees and their leaders. We’re not only fighting a health crisis, but we’re also managing change, isolation, fear, home office, business decline, all on top of work as usual. 

As most of our clients are implementing remote work and adapting budgets, we've taken all our sessions online to be able to support their people no matter where they are. We create virtual safe spaces for employees to address their challenges and improve their wellbeing. 


Most companies start by running a webinar or a few open talks on Mental Health to raise awareness. They also subsidize individual sessions with a psychologist (now held remotely) as a benefit to employees or as a part of their development plan. Just like you purchase sports cards and training.

People get the support they need when they need it:

Employees can join an open talk, attend a webinar or book a private session with a psychologist, on-demand throughout the day. 


This creates a safe space for everyone to share feelings and get psychological support when they need it. Working on your mental health becomes a normal activity, just like going to a virtual yoga class. 

How we work in practice: 

Depending on the maturity of your culture, as well as the existing coping mechanisms and emotional intelligence of your team, our partnership usually includes: ​

  • Open Mental Health talks and webinars for raising awareness and driving culture change 

  • Remote mental health coaching and counseling with a psychologist

  • Quality content and tools tailored to your culture 

  • Monthly HR and leadership get-togethers

  • Company dashboard for feedback, scheduling sessions and reporting to measure our impact and continuously improve 

Our virtual and in-person workshops cover topics like: 

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • How to avoid burnout and support colleagues who're struggling 

  • Setting healthy boundaries 

  • Emotional agility for challenging times 

  • Supporting employees with their mental health in times of uncertainty

  • Mindfulness and breathwork for busy people 

What's the impact? 

By spending time in the business, we aim to ​encourage people to proactively work on their mental and behavioral health. We increase awareness on the topic, remove the barriers to find help and build healthier cultures and teams:

What happens in your Mental Health session? 

Your session with a psychologist is a confidential 1on1 conversation on any topic that is relevant for you at the moment: from handling difficult situations all the way to important life changes, grief, stress and anxiety, burnout, work/personal relationships, confidence and many more. 


Your psychologist will listen, without judgment, and will provide support and brief counseling. So, you can move on with your day with a clear head. 

Our style of working is strength-based and grounded in the relationship between two people in a conversation. Regardless of the techniques we use, the biggest magic happens when there are trust and involvement on both sides. We focus on the present moment and use a mix of skills from social and organizational psychology, solution-oriented therapy, mindfulness, and embodied methods. 

What people    about NotYourTherapy: 


Unlike executive coaching, NoyYourTherapy sessions create a safe space for everyone (not just managers) to get support and work on their mental and emotional fitness. 

For leadership coaching check out coaching pages.


Our purpose is not to treat mental illness at the workplace. Instead, we focus on prevention, build skills and awareness, and create a culture of openness. 


Our psychologists are trained to consult on issues that coaches cannot, and can identify if you're at risk to refer you to specialized help.


We get you

We are not the typical bunch of clinical psychologist who meet people in the doctors’ office.


We're real people, not robots.


We understand business, speak IT and appreciate humans as they are. 


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If you've suicidal thoughts or urgently need psychological help, call me to put you in touch with a therapist or check out:  


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