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Practical mental fitness education at work  

We meet with people in the workplace to help them feel better and improve their mental fitness.  
Our approach is friendly, practical and inviting. We don't just leave a hotline like most EAP's. We proactively engage with employees, raise awareness and get them excited about their mental health. 
How we partner with your company? 

Stress, anxiety, and depression have become another epidemic, so mental health is now a priority for both employees and their leaders. We’re not only fighting a health crisis, but we’re also managing change, isolation, financial instability, hybrid work, and business decline, all on top of work as usual. 

Research shows that most Employee Assistance Programs don't work as intended. There's still a lot of stigma and misconceptions on the topic.


We create inspirational content, events, educational experiences and practical self-assessment tolls  to bridge the gap between people in need and the help that's available. 

Our Mental Health Training for managers focuses on prevention and prepares you to deal with real-life cases in the team

"I wholeheartedly recommend Velina for any type of training related to mental health and boosting well-being.
Over the past two years, we’ve run different projects in collaboration with Velina and the feedback from our colleagues was excellent. One of the projects that are most dear to my heart is the mental fitness training for our leaders which supports our line managers in building and maintaining a healthy work ecosystem inside their teams, having open mental health conversations with their team members, or coaching them to get support. 
Velina is very adaptable and skilled when it comes to designing training programs from scratch to fit our needs, dynamic and engaging when she delivers the training, calming, natural, and supportive with the audience especially when sensitive topics were being brought up in conversations.
All in all, a true professional who is able to translate concepts into real-life examples and scenarios so that everyone leaves the training with a toolkit ready to be put into practice."


- Alexandra Curteanu, People Program Lead @Endava

Limiting Beliefs TA.png

How we work in practice: 

Depending on the maturity of your culture, as well as the existing coping mechanisms and emotional intelligence of your team, our partnership usually includes: ​

  • Open Mental Health talks for raising awareness and driving cultural change 

  • Practical workshops and education for building mental fitness skills 

  • Mental Health Training for Managers and Leaders 

  • Mental fitness and performance coaching 

  • Quality content and tools tailored to your culture 

  • A digital solution for emotional check-in and synchronization for remote teams 

Our webinars and in-person workshops cover topics like: 

  • Intro to Mental Fitness in the workplace 

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • How to avoid burnout and support colleagues who're struggling 

  • Setting healthy boundaries 

  • Emotional agility for challenging times 

  • Practical workshop for managers: The Mentally Fit Leader: Supporting your own and your employees' mental health 

  • Mindfulness and breathwork for busy people 

  • How to build and sustain better habits

  • How to beat fatigue and sleep better

  • Feel more confident and overcome your limiting beliefs 

Want to measure the emotional and mental health climate in the team? 


Check out the moodlight app, developed by our partners at Camplight. 

What's the impact? 

By spending time in the business, we aim to ​encourage people to proactively work on their mental and behavioral health. We increase awareness on the topic, remove the barriers to find help and build healthier cultures and teams:

Wellbeing = Productivity

Anxiety kills creativity. Millions of working days are lost due to poor mental health, while companies who invest in it see an increase in profits 

Prevent Burnout & Depression

Two out of five employees in tech are at risk of burnout or depression. We shouldn't wait long to act, especially if we can catch the first signs.  

Better Team Dynamics

 Build empathy and trust as a part of your culture. People learn how to debate effectively and have positive relationships

Why we're different?
What people    about NotYourTherapy: 


Unlike executive coaching, NoyYourTherapy sessions create a safe space for everyone (not just managers) to get support and work on their mental and emotional fitness. 

For leadership coaching check out coaching pages.


Our purpose is not to treat mental illness at the workplace. Instead, we focus on prevention, build skills and awareness, and create a culture of openness. 


Our psychologists are trained to consult on issues that coaches cannot, and can identify if you're at risk to refer you to specialized help.


We get you

We are not the typical bunch of clinical psychologist who meet people in the doctors’ office.


We're real people, not robots.


We understand business, speak IT and appreciate humans as they are. 


In their own words:

Teodora Mircheva
Community Team Lead, Chaos

"Last year, Velina consulted the company I worked for and within a short time, she managed to make a big difference in improving the organizational culture and the wellbeing of the team members. She is an exceptional psychologist who is able to listen, understand, empower and create win-win situations for both employees and the business.


For me, personally, the meeting with Velina was transformational."

Diana Elenkova 
GM, Zuhlke Bulgaria

"Working from home, due to the current external stress factors can have an impact on our mental well-being, which is worth to be handled with special attention. I would like say huge thanks to Velina Getova, who provided our team with food for thoughts on our emotional triggers as well as practical coping mechanisms during her webinar: "Emotional Agility for Challenging Times". It was an excellent session and discussion and I am happy and grateful she gifted us her personal time as a speaker and a coach on those topics with our team in Sofia and Belgrade. Thank you Velina Getova - feedback from the team was also very good!"

Gergana Ivanova
Product Owner, MentorMate 

"Today I used my lunch break to attend a very insightful webinar about stress and burnout by Velina Getova! Especially now, since the pandemic happened, most of us work from home and it is sometimes difficult to separate the end of the work day from the time for rest.

The generation that always strives to be better, to achieve more - that is a great path to innovation but we also should learn how to take a break, how to listen to our bodies, give space to our inner mind to rest and restart for new challenges!

Thank you for the great session!"

Desislava Vasileva 
People Partner, Cognyte 

"Last week we had two great sessions about Mental Health led by Velina Getova

Some of our learning: 

Mental Fitness in the workplace is all about how we think, feel and behave. And yes, mental fitness is as important as physical fitness. It helps improve productivity, job satisfaction, health and overall well-being. Thank you Velina Getova for all the insights and experience that you shared with our team!"

Webinar Participant
Leadership team @Progress

"I wanted to thank you again for providing the Mental Health and Well Being webinar and chat with Velina Getova.

She was encouraging with good suggestions on how to care for ourselves and work expectations and kept the topic realistic.

It made a difference in my day, and plan for the next few weeks.

Thank you." 

Managers' Training Participant

"I found the content very useful and clearly explained. Velina created an open environment and facilitated the session really well, maintaining a very good balance between theory and practice and engaging all participants.


I also appreciated that she tailored the content to IT domain specifics and showed that she had exposure to it, as I think this helps in better relating to participants' day-to-day context."

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