Coaching helps you to optimize your overall health & performance, in and outside your business. 

My approach 


I work with leaders and founders in the tech space to help them solve various human puzzles, improve their resilience and stay mentally fit. From difficult team dynamics to improving your skills, leadership, decision-making and overall wellbeing, you bring your agenda and we focus on your most important goals. 

My approach blends coaching, psychological insight and practical skills in culture, leadership, building teams, mental and emotional fitness. My strength lies in my warm candor, empathy and an energy level that leaves you glowing. 


Learn with someone who's been there. I bring a unique mix of skills and experience as I’ve also been a COO of a Bulgarian Saas startup. For over 7yrs, I’ve worked with founders of high-growth businesses as well as team leaders and other professionals in IT, across London and Sofia. I understand your context and specialize in the type of conversations you cannot have with anyone else - not HR, your manager, advisors or peers. 

What is coaching? 


A confidential 1on1 conversation, where you can get clarity, come up with new ideas and solve your challenges with confidence and strength. Learning should be fun, I get it. So we also run experiments, try new skills, and iterate - until you feel you've built a better version of your yesterday's self. I offer high support with high challenge by asking the right questions, uncovering new perspectives and holding you accountable for the changes you want to make. 

Georgi Ivanov 1.jpg

Georgi Ivanov, 

Co-founder of Enhancv, CEO at Noblehire

Velina has been coaching us since the very beginning of the project, when Enhancv was just an ambitious idea - from building the team and the product that we offer to raising 2 rounds of Venture Capital.


She somehow managed to extract the best out of us and made us believe that the project we are working on is not just another CV builder, but something that has the potential to change the world!


Keysha Baker

 VP of Marketing, Forrester 

I worked with Velina at Ve Interactive, where she was coaching members of the leadership team. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and so well respected by all staff within the organisation.


Velina has a very personable style which makes you feel at ease and able to talk very openly with her. She has a great ability to help you quickly find solutions to complex, difficult situations. 


Brendan Jones


Director at VeGlobal 

Velina established immediate credibility right across the business, through her evident expertise, commitment and highly engaging style. Velina successfully delivered a programme that clearly supported business strategy and became a trusted advisor to each of us on the programme, providing valued feedback and coaching. Every good business, or business that aspires to become better needs ‘a Velina’ to take them to the next level.


Zsofi Toth

Co-founder Puzl Coworking, Budapest

Velina has a naturally calming presence, soft tone and genuine empathy, which you will find will help you through with ease at any session you'll have with her. Velina is not only great with people, but she also has a vast understanding of how business' and organizations function, which makes her a well-prepared leadership coach - she will always have a tip or method under her sleeve that will help you think through or work through even the hardest decisions.