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Mental Health Podcasts, Videos and Articles 

I’m happy to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs, businesses, and media to normalize mental health within the workplace and in society in general. If you want to speak with me at your event, podcast or video show, email me directly at

Launch Episode
Eп264 | Велина Гетова: Здравето е третата метрика на успеха!

Eп264 | Велина Гетова: Здравето е третата метрика на успеха!

🎙 Велина Гетова е психолог, психотерапевт, Performance Coach, както и създател на NotYourTherapy - българския стартъп за психологическа подкрепа на работното място. Тя израства във Велинград и следва Бизнес Администрация и Журналистика в Американския университет в Благоевград. Първият ѝ работодател е Telerik, където през 2010г. започва като HR специалист. Впоследствие решава да се посвети на психологията и записва магистратура по Организационна и Социална Психология в London School of Economics. В момента работи с лидери в технологичния сектор, които искат да подобрят своя ментален фитнес, въздействие и резултати както в компанията, така и извън нея. Нейната цел е да се бори срещу стигмата около психичното здраве и да повишава здравната култура в компаниите. ⭐ Пълното описание на епизода 👉 💚 Този епизод отново достига до теб с подкрепата на SMSBump. Ако искаш да станеш един от хората, променящи бъдещето на електронната търговия, разгледай актуалните им позиции тук: ✊ Стани част от нашето общество като подкрепиш проекта на сайта на “Свръхчовекът с Георги Ненов”: 👈 🙏 Благодарим на партньорите на проекта: SMSBump, Storytel, Novator, Superhosting, Dynaphos, Telus International Europe, & Intellect - Schools of Languages.
Velina Getova (EN) | Burnout triumphants

Velina Getova (EN) | Burnout triumphants

Velina worked for several startups and young organizations across the UK and Bulgaria. During that time she assumed various roles of a performance coach, consultant, team psychologist, and ultimately Chief of People and Operations. As the saying goes - “The shoemaker always wears the worst shoes” - while Velina was catering to the team’s performance and wellbeing, she completely neglected her very own. From there she had a turbulent rollercoaster down the ‘burnout road’, which she will share with us on the upcoming livestream. Nowadays Velina works as an Organizational Psychologist and coach, supporting thousands of CEOs, managers, and entire teams. This experience, too, will make up for an even more insightful Burnout Talk with multiple engaging insights across the entire burnout spectrum. - How do highly 'corporate' environments differ from 'start-up' ones? - How did Veli recover from her 'her rough patch' she shares about? - When should people turn to prescribed medication? Get in contact with Veli: 👉Subscribe to our channel: 👉 Get Digiburn: Burnout triumphants An event series, presenting authentic burnout stories from around the world. Spreading firsthand experience to contribute to global awareness, support individuals recognize their own warning signs, and inspire for action early on. Digiburn - Burn bright, not out. 🔥❤🚀 Digiburn is a burnout risk check-up and burnout self-help App. It measures Your risk of burnout and offers an anonymous 12-weeks self-growth journey: body, mind and growth. Understand your body signals, explore inner dialogue, prioritize empowering beliefs, build supportive habits and lead a life of fulfillment. It is your time to thrive! ▬ Chapters ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 00:00 - Introduction 01:12 - Why is Veli an "Advocate" 06:10 - Veli's Education 08:50 - Why LSE? 10:53 - Corporate and Start-up Experience 12:00 - Master Thesis 14:50 - Career Progression 17:16 - Start-up vs Corporate Environment 19:11 - Burnout 28:30 - Recovery & Change 31:11 - Medication 33:26 - Seeking Help 34:44 - Change of Attitude 38:58 - Overachieving Mentality 40:35 - Building Resilience 44:46 - Words of Advice 47:20 - Q&A 49:54 - Can Burnout be Caught Early On? 52:50 - Outro
Episode 2

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April, 2020

The Leaders' Response to a Pandemic

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September, 2019 

The Leadership Imposter Syndrome

A podcast on imposter syndrome for female leaders: what it is, why it’s a concern for leaders and companies and what individuals can do to get support.

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